The Barleyshakes at Crawdaddy’s


Folk Irish band the Barleyshakes played to a full house recently at Crawdaddy’s for the launch of their new album “Fringe Dwellers” The night opened with a screening of their new film clip “The Smell Of Whisky”, a story in itself.  Brewed in Ireland and distilled in Australia this band are definitely a feast for the eyes and ears The Barleyshakes are a QMA award winning Celtic band with world music influences, infused with great dance music, Irish storytelling and spirit. You really can feel how much these folk are enjoying the music they play. It doesn’t take long to get drawn in to the atmosphere and I think the crowd would agree it was an awesome gig. This band is a must see. They are definitely one of my favourite bands to photograph.  I just haven’t worked out how to dance at the same time!


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